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Embracing Normal

Having over indulged our entire lives, sobriety can be dull, quite frankly. When everything in your life has been over the top or out on the thin edge, living inside the boundaries can seem pretty lackluster. I understand this. But part of our acting out was the drama of making the score whatever that might be so it only stands to reason that putting all that aside will make life a bore.

But it’s a bore we can and must make our peace with. To truly be successful in our recovery we must learn to embrace normal or at least come to terms with it. The very thought of this makes me twitch but it is in embracing normal that real growth occurs.

In embracing normal we come to have the kinds of deeply satisfying relationships we have longed for. People stay and love blossoms. We aren’t alone.

In embracing normal we leave behind that turmoil of finances that are a disaster. Suddenly we have money for rent and groceries and gas. We get and keep a job and start to move forward in a career.

In embracing normal we can actually make realistic plans for the future and allow hopes and dreams to take root with a reasonable expectation that they might actually come to fruition.

In embracing normal we earn trust. People begin to be able to count on us to be where we say we will be, be there when we say we will be there. We come to know how good it feels to be thought well of.

In embracing normal we grow . . . and life flourishes within us.

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