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When Life Overwhelms You

I have a quote at the bottom of my emails, "I try to take one day at a time, sometimes several days attack me at once." ~ Anonymous. It happens to all of us. Sometimes it’s our fault, sometimes it’s just life. Either way such seasons of our lives can be challenging especially if you are a person in recovery trying to establish a balance to your life and stay on track.

Of course, the mantra of recovery is that we take life one day at a time. Often close conversations with clients by saying, “Another 24?” To which they respond, “Another 24”. This is the gold standard of life in recovery.

Then we hit a season of life when, as my quote observes, several days attack us at once. We find ourselves in a succession of days that all seem to run together. My most recent experience of this is the run of three weeks that I just finished with little time to breathe, no time to think and short sleep. When it all stopped on Friday night, I crashed and focused on getting lots of good sleep and down time over the weekend.

I’m feeling refreshed now and getting back into normal routines which I think are the most important aspect of rebalancing my life. I have decided to let my routines do my decision making for the next week. This will provide direction without needing to choose between too many options. It will also bring a sense of stability and normalcy which is much needed.

Focusing on fulfilling my regular “to do” list will bring a sense of accomplishment and “getting something done”. In fact, this post is part of that. I made a commitment to myself for a weekly article on my webpage and I will feel a small weight lifted when a mark this off.

I think a lot turns on answering the question, “So, where was I?” After life a go at us it’s important to rest and resume. I invite you to email me with your means of getting back on track.

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