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Sometimes we just get stuck, in our personal life, in our marriage, in our spiritual walk.  Sometimes it really is hard to see the forest for the trees.


Sometimes a significant change of direction is in order because we’ve sort of drifted into the place our lives are now without really thinking and we’re not sure how to move out and on.


One of life’s truths is that change happens best in relationship.  What we need is someone objective to come alongside to help clarify what’s most important to us and evaluate the components of our life in light of those values.  Then new directions can be explored, a goal formulated and a course of action developed.


Often it’s reassuring to have someone walk at least the first several steps with us helping and encouraging us until we get established on our new life course.


This is how I approach Life Coaching.  Let’s sit down over coffee or via Skype to chart a new course and walk the road together for a bit. . .

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