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When You’re Not Sure What To Do

We all feel it from time to time, a restlessness that gnaws at us. Most of the time, we dismiss it and get on with life. Other times we can’t seem to shake it. So we ignore it, medicate it, numb it. This is one way addictions can get started, through persistently medicating what gnaws at us until the medication becomes a greater problem than the gnawing.

Or. . .we can stop and listen to what our restlessness is telling us. And often it’s telling us it’s time for a change. Sometimes that change is relatively small and easily satisfied by taking a vacation or exploring a new activity or taking up a new hobby.

Other times it’s immense, requiring a fundamental life change. It may involve severing some longstanding relationships with friends, family or a spouse. It could be a total change of career path and additional education or certification may necessary. It may be time to engage in some serious counseling to address deeper issues. The details will be as varied as the individual.

So how do you know which it is? This is where a Life Coach can be an invaluable asset. A Life Coach can help you sort out what it is that’s gnawing and what steps to take to develop a plan to address it. It can begin as simply as having a conversation over coffee with a Life Coach. He or she will ask simple but clarifying questions. Most importantly, a Life Coach will listen to what you are saying with an ear tuned to hear what you are saying behind the words. And a Life Coach has numerous tools they can bring to bear that will help you understand what direction to head from here.

Most importantly, the Life Coach will have your best interests at heart. A good Life Coach wants, above all else, to see their client move forward to a more satisfying life.

The best part about engaging a Life Coach is that you and your coach can literally be anywhere. With the wonders of modern electronic communications such as Skype, life coaching can happen around the globe, continents apart.

So if reading the latest self-help guru’s latest book isn’t helping, friends and family are too close to the problem or they are the problem and you’re not sure where to turn, consider engaging a Life Coach. It could be your first, best step toward a more satisfying life.

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