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Life Coaching is. . .

A conversation that brings about a life change.   A change in thinking.  A change of focus.  A change in direction.  A change of behavior.  A change for the better.  Life Coaching is a conversation intentionally engaged in for the purpose of  helping someone who finds himself stuck in a particular place or pattern gain new insight into where he  needs to go next.  In the course of this conversation a plan is developed for how to reach that new place.


Stop talkin'. . .
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We’ve all been there. . .caught. . .again. . .and again.


We’ve all said the words. . .“It’ll never happen again” . . . “I’m sorry”. . .“Please forgive me”.


We’ve all asked ourselves. . .“Why do I do these things?” . . . “What’s wrong with me?”. . .“Why can’t I stop?”


We’ve all heard that inner voice. . .“Stupid!”        . . .“You’ll never change”. . .“It’s hopeless”.


If you are where I and so many others were, you’ve exhausted the words.  The excuses and apologies have worn out from over use.  No one believes them, not your family, not your spouse, not you.


Maybe you’ve been to a counselor

And talked. . .


Talked about the past. . .


Talked about what happened to you when you were a child. . .


Talked about your family of origin. . .


Talked about your marriage. . .


Maybe it helped to understand the past.  Maybe it helped to soothe and heal the wounds. But. . .


In spite of all the talk, forward movement is in short supply.  Understanding hasn’t brought about the measure of change you had hoped for and you feel stuck in behaviors that bring little or no satisfaction.


You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  And there are no more words. . .

Time for






You are in the perfect place to stop talking and start living.  It’s time to change the focus.


Time to engage in a conversation that moves you forward.


Time for someone to come alongside you who can help you define a new direction for your life, develop a plan to get there and walk the road with you till you are firmly established on your new course.


It's time for change. . .time for a life coach.

Robert Hayworth, life coach flagstaff, recovery flagstaff
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Robert Hayworth, life coach flagstaff, recovery flagstaff

Robert Hayworth

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